Selasa, 09 Februari 2010

Top 100 Songs

As I sit watching Kerrang's "Top 100 Air Guitar Songs" something miraculous has occurred.

I've seen the future. And it is recursive.

Virtually every single program on Tv looks to be a "Top 50 songs" or "Top 100 songs". This really is genius about the component from the shadowy persons who pick what receives put out on Tv.!!.!. not just is it cheap (no costly new content to produce), nonetheless it forces us feeble-minded Television people to keep viewing.!.after all, as soon as you have started, you've gotta maintain viewing to discover out what's quantity one proper?

Yes, you have.

Due to the fact not figuring out will, for no sane reason, bug you for the rest of your life.

But how does all this relate to the upcoming? Well - it's simple. The amount of present content material isn't growing, barely something new seems to possess been made because some time about the year 2000. We're just obtaining it all recycled and fed back to us again.

But it is possible to only repeat the similar "Top 100" exhibits so a lot of situations, so what's following?


Whilst today's Television bods have all the content from the final 20 odd decades to blend into many insipid "Top 100"s, the Tv bods of 2020 will have nothing but 20 decades of "Top 100" shows to perform with.

Which signifies, and you heard it here first, Television is going to go recursive.

In just some decades, we're going to become seated in front of stuff like "MTV Major 50 Prime 100s with the 2010s".

And there's absolutely nothing we can perform to escape it. All of a sudden worldwide warming is the minimum of our worries. Read other article Digital Mp3 Players and Nintendo Wii Bundles